Campus Groups

The Campus Groups feature lets you collaborate with other users on topics of shared interest.

Here is how the process works: Groups are created by administrators, but anyone can submit an application to create a group -- each application is reviewed by an administrator and, when approved, the group is created. The person who applied for the group is automatically made its leader.

Each time a group is created, the system creates a context for the group in the Campus Groups sub-section of the Campus Life tab. The exact layout of each group’s context is determined by a template that is managed by your portal administrator. Usually each context will include an instance of the Calendar portlet, an instance of the Forums portlet, and several others. The group's leader can also make changes to the context.

Depending on the settings for the group, users may be able to proactively join, or they might have to wait to be added or invited by a group leader.

These help pages cover tasks such as browsing groups, joining groups, and applying to create a group. If you need help with more advanced tasks, such as managing a Campus Group, see one of the following documents:

·       e-Racer: Faculty Guide -- suitable for faculty members and other content managers who need help managing a group.

·       Jenzabar's Internet Campus Solution: Administration Guide -- suitable for members of the Administrators role who want help managing a group and the Campus Life tab.

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