The Calendar portlet is used to keep track of events. Your portal might host multiple Calendar portlet instances that serve a variety of purposes. For example, the following people could all manage their own Calendar portlet instances:

·       Instructors who need to inform students about class events.

·       Group leaders who want to publicize their groups' events and activities.

·       Administrators who host events that affect the whole campus.

Any Calendar portlet instance might host multiple calendars (which users can then hide or display as they browse). Additionally, the manager of the portlet instance might "subscribe" the portlet instance to calendars hosted by different portlet instances, making their events available locally.

The default setup of the portal also includes a My Calendar portlet instance, which is meant for your own personal use. You can subscribe to different calendars and then review all of their events in your My Calendar. You can also add your own events to your My Calendars portlet instance.

These help pages cover tasks that any user can complete, such as browsing calendars, subscribing to calendars, and working with your own My Calendar. For details on tasks an administrator or instructor might need to complete, such as setting permissions for the portlet instance, see Jenzabar's Internet Campus Solution: Administration Guide or e-Racer: Faculty Guide.

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